Measures taken in connection with the outbreak of COVID‑19

At Transport Inter‑Nord, the health and security of our employees, of our clients, of our partners and of all members of the community is our priority. Due to the progression of the COVID‑19, we have decided to implement additional preventive measures.

Therefore, we temporarily suspend the procedure of requiring signatures on paper. Our driver will be the one to write the date and name of the person on the documents. This measure is effective immediately.

The goal of this decision is to reduce the risk of contamination during deliveries and pickups. Should you have any questions regarding these new measures, you can contact our customer service team at : serviceclientele@Inter‑

We remind you that these measures are temporary and are aimed at protecting one and all. Thank you for your understanding!

Steve McLaughlin
Transport Inter‑Nord

Since 1990
Week starting May 16 , 2022
0 to 9 999 lbs
10 000 lbs & over *
* 6 pallets & over or 12' of used trailer space & over
45.1 %
89.7 %

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