How to prepare a claim?

Any claim must be submitted via email, regular mail or fax by using the form to that effect available on our website.

Who can file a claim?

Only the shipper, consignee or third party to a shipment is entitled to file a claim as long as said party appears on the shipment contract (bill of lading). The claim will be filed under the name of the first party to submit a claim.

What is the maximum delay to file a claim?

All claims or intention to file a claim must be presented in writing within sixty (60) days of the delivery date of that shipment.

In cases of complete non-delivery (i.e. a whole pallet was not delivered), the claim or intention to file a claim must be submitted in writing within nine (9) months of the delivery date of that shipment.

In both cases, the final claim must be submitted within nine (9) months of the shipment date for that particular shipment.

What are the required documents to file a claim? 

A claim form must be completed and must include such information as the invoice or Probill number, the name of the claimant, the reason for the claim as well as a detailed explanation of the calculation for the total amount claimed along with the following documents:

Copy of the bill of lading
Copy of the proof of delivery
Copy of the supplier invoice or any other internal document proving the value of the merchandise related to the claim
Copy of the repair invoice including parts and labor if applicable
Copy of the inspection report if necessary
Photos of the damaged or unusable goods

Les Transports Inter-Nord requires all of the above information and completed documents in order to process a claim. Should a claim received be incomplete, Les Transports Inter-Nord will send a written request to the claimant requesting the missing information and/or documents. The claimant will have thirty (30) days from the date of this request to submit the required information and/or document(s) otherwise the claim will be considered closed.

What is the responsibility of Les Transports Inter-Nord?

Les Transports Inter-Nord is not responsible for the loss or damage of a shipment unless it can be proven that there was negligence on the transporter’s part causing the loss or damage. Les Transports Inter-Nord’s maximum liability will be the inferior amount of the following:

Value of the goods *
Cost of repairs including parts and labor **
Maximum liability of 2.00$ / pound or 4.41$ per kilogram calculated on the total weight of the shipment
The declared value as per the bill of lading

* Value of the goods represents the replacement cost of the goods by the claimant, not the selling price or retail value

** The maximum cost of labor refundable is $25.00 per hour.

What is the declared value?

The shipper has the possibility to declare a certain value for the goods on a shipment. If a value is declared on the bill of lading, the maximum liability is increased for the claim settlement if the claim is accepted. The declared value is not an insurance but rather a risk factor for the transporter.

For example, if the total weight of a shipment is 100 lbs and the claim is $500.00 while the declared value on the bill of lading is $500.00, the transporter’s maximum liability will be $500.00, as opposed to the $200.00 maximum liability if there was no declared value on the bill of lading. Additional fees could be invoiced to the customer for a shipment according to the declared value. The maximum declared value is $5,000.00.

What is a visible damage or shortage?

A visible damage or shortage indicates that the loss / shortage or damage was noticeable at the time of delivery of the shipment. Any discrepancy must be noted on the delivery slip or proof of delivery and must be done in the presence of the driver. Kindly be as clear and precise as possible when noting a discrepancy. 

For example, do not use vague terminology such as ‘’damaged boxes’’. Rather detail by providing the nature of the damages such as scratched and bruised bumper or 2 boxes of screws missing.
Note : Writing or placing a stamp saying ‘’subject to inspection’’ or ‘’possibility of loss or damage’’ on a proof of delivery or bill of lading does not constitute a notice of loss or damage. These types of notices on proof of delivery will not be accepted or considered as a notification of damage or loss should you wish to file a claim.

What is an inspection?

An inspection can be requested for any claim, more specifically in cases of damage. It is imperative that the shipment be kept in the same condition as when it what received. It is the claimant’s responsibility to ensure the damaged goods as well as the packaging be kept as is until the processing of the final claim is completed.

What is Les Transports Inter-Nord’s policy regarding concealed loss or damage?  

Les Transports Inter-Nord does not pay claims associated with concealed loss or damage.